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Over 38 inches this is what we try to achieve for every hunter

Near 100% success with a 5 year average of 36.5″. All hunts are Physical some are extremely so. Sheep live in some of the most rugged terrain in North America. Hunts are on foot with aircraft support. Spike camps are set as close as practical to where the sheep are. Season opens August 10 and closes Sept 20, we like to have the first hunters in a couple of days early to be set up and ready to hunt opening morning.

Alaska range dall sheep 2014 taken by Dave Hubbard with master guide Jeff Pralle

Dave Hubbard with his very old broken ram August 2014

We take 6-8 Sheep primary or sheep only hunters per season. This is down from a high of 14 sheep hunters per season. My hunts can be set up to utilize as much support as weather and the law allows from the plane. To hunts where you walk away from the airstrip and do the entire hunt from your backpack.

41 inch dall ram guided alaska sheep hunt master guide

Larry Ebert one of our repeat hunters and a good friend with his 41 1/2 inch ram

I started hunting in this Alaska Range area in 1984 and we are still taking excellent rams with incredible success rates. I credit this to our approach to sheep hunting. We take a limited number of hunters, and our methods of hunting dramatically improve your odds for success. I believe that sheep can be easily approached if the proper method of hunting is applied. Most of our sheep are taken from below and most are taken at under 200 yards. The key to this is not acting like a predator and not running around the country chasing rams you do not intend to take. It is as important to not educate the rams as it is to be able to effectively and accurately judge them. Here are a couple of examples –

2003 Arnie Berquam was in his 60’s when he took his 37 7/8 inch ram with me at Egg Mountain (no you won’t find it on the map). Now Arnie has bad knees, since replaced, he took his ram at under 200 yards, with his .270, less than a mile from the landing strip, standing behind a spruce tree. We waited for the ram to place himself in a position of vulnerability. It took till the middle of the hunt. We also packed a spike camp across the river and set it up below where the ram had been coming down to feed. Once the ram came down we made our stalk and actually had to do a “deer drive to push him out of the 6 foot high willows. This is not the norm but an example of what can be done with patience, knowledge of the area, and of the sheep’s feeding and bedding habits for a given mountain.

2003 Brad Birch is a tremendous outdoorsman in his late thirties. Fit as any of my guides and one of the most quietly determined hunters I have seen. Brad and guide Ramey started the hunt walking out of our Hartman River Main Camp. 4 miles up river before they started up the mountain. Suffice it to say many miles and a camp change later they took a 38 ¼ inch ram again at around 200 yards.

Brad’s hunt was a very physically demanding endeavor, encompassing many miles of some of Alaska’s most rugged terrain. Arnie’s hunt by contrast was not easy but definitely less physical than Brad’s. Different hunts for two different situations. I have guided successful Sheep hunters as young as 14 years old to 76 years young. I use these two hunts to illustrate that we will hunt as hard as you can or want to.

Dall shepp alaska range master guide

August is the best time for Dall Sheep hunting. Long days help with success

Dall Sheep

Near 100% success, 5-year average of 36.5”, all hunts are physical (some are extremely so). Sheep live in some of the most rugged terrain in North America.

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Dall sheep hunters Jeff Pralle master guide

Successful hunters back at the Alaska Range Lodge on the Hartman